Publishing Sony Interactive EntertainmenWhat t does, its developer is Polyphony Digitalis the most popular of the PlayStation brand. racing game new game of the series Gran Turismo Gran Turismo 7 as you know it is currently under development. The director of the play also made some assertive statements.

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Longtime director and co-creator of Gran Turismo Kazunori Yamauchi recently attended an interview. Although the director’s closest play Gran Turismo is mentioned in the interview, the most interesting part of the speech is What Yamauchi wants to do in the future it was the part where he said things.

Kazunori Yamauchi, coming out next year Gran Turismo 7He announced that he wanted to make more Gran Turismo games after. Yamauchi, “To Gran Turismo, on board with the car culture and auto industry I want to continue in the future there is. Same time something different I want to do too. Regardless of whether it’s related to Gran Turismo or not more real than reality I want to take on the challenge of submitting an incoming game. “ said. Unfortunately these descriptions did not elaborate.

Gran Turismo 7’nin for PlayStation 5 next year is expected to be published. Kazunori Yamauchi was just before the new game that the series will return to its roots had said.




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