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GTA 5anyone in not to kill Even if you try to finish the game Killing 726 people is required. Yes, at least as much as this research itself brain-burning It is an indisputable fact that it is a sentence. However this is interesting statisticsby fans of the game, the phenomenon by recording videolaid out with evidence.

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GTA 5’i “good manEven if you play as More than 700 you will kill the person and as it turned out, Franklinof the trio of heroes, bloodthirsty the one.

It took 6 months to save your video

It surprising truthReddit user counting all the destruction actions needed in the game TK-576 revealed. When your adventure is over, you must destroy at least 726 people: Franklin’in 295 person, Trevor’s 258 person, Michael’in ise 172 It is estimated that he killed the person. The last victim is the main enemy character Devin Weston.

Total death toll, as players can keep secret their chosen one, running away instead of fighting and The Saints with any pedestrian in the streets unmistakably without meeting they choose to navigate, a fully saved on route determined. In the video above, this whole process Taken in 6 months You can watch the footage for the game.

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