In china market 10 new electric models Announcing that they will launch, Honda as a preview of the first model Honda SUV e: Prototype introduced the concept. Although the design language of the concept in question is similar to the new HR-V in general, it reveals its difference when it comes to details.

Honda SUV e: Prototype is the first electric vehicle prototype introduced by the Japanese brand in China. Honda announced that the production version will be available in the spring of 2022. The electric model, which is first planned to be offered for sale in China, will then be offered to the global market.

Since there is a concept work standing in front of us, we see blue lighting in many areas including the logo, most of which will not be included in the production version. On the other hand, the shape of the headlights in the front section and the LED daytime running lights that extend to the middle give the vehicle a very aggressive appearance. The bumper of the concept, which is designed as a closed front panel because it is electric, has vertical air ducts and a large central air intake.

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Honda SUV e: Prototype, which has a long front hood, draws attention to the large wheels and the lighting on the sill. In addition, thin mirrors and recessed door handles – the rear ones hidden in the column – are also outstanding details. To reinforce the SUV character, the vehicle has black plastic inserts, and the side windows seem a bit small due to the high shoulder line and the roof that slopes backwards.

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Honda SUV e: Behind the Prototype concept, the LED lights, which offer a 3D effect, are connected to each other by a strip that passes over the illuminated logo. The Japanese brand, which did not find this enough, also included a light strip on the bagay spoiler. The diffuser, which has wing-like projections on its edges, is one of the outstanding details in this area.

No information has yet been shared about the concept’s interior or powertrain. However, we know that the third generation Honda Connect software will be used in the vehicle. In this system, there will be connection technologies such as OTA, wireless update support, artificial intelligence supported personal assistant, next generation navigation and entertainment functions and the use of the smartphone as a digital key.

Finally, an agreement was signed between Honda and General Motors last year. In this context, the Honda SUV e: Prototype could be one of the two Honda models that will use GM’s ultium batteries and modular electric vehicle platform under the agreement.

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