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According to the wccftech website, in the future PlayStation 5 owners, from the console’s internal memory will stop running games May be faced with the reality.

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The truth is that the next generation game console on the cardvarious, including the date and time set in the system your indicators responsible for storing data CMOS pili has. According to the latest information, this battery When finishedthe console from disk only It is stated that he can play a game. This is also optical drive for non PlayStation 5 owners A good new not.

It is unclear if it will affect the warranty

A similar problem PlayStation 4′was also experienced. Just to solve change the battery is required, but has CMOS battery your computers On the contrary, game consoles are all that much not simple.

PlayStation 5’in pilini change yourself you will need to unscrew the console. Its warranty contract For now, whether it will be considered as a violation of Unknown.

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