The TEI-TJ300 turbojet mid-range missile engine project, whose development was initiated in 2017 with the cooperation of TÜBİTAK, TUSAŞ Motor Sanayii AŞ (TEI) and Roketsan, was an important development. Engine that can be applied to air, naval and land defense systems, World record in its class by reaching 1342N thrust force with 240mm diameter broke.

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The record-breaking test was shared on the Twitter account of the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank. The prototype working ceremony of TEI-TJ300 was held in 2020 with the participation of Minister Varank.

Designed by Turkish engineers completely with domestic and national possibilities The TEI-TJ300, developed with a limited diameter of 240 mm to be adapted to missile systems, is shown as the first engine in the world that can produce the current propulsion power in its class. TEI-TJ300 is capable of operating at high speeds up to 90 percent of the speed of sound at an altitude of 5000 ft. TEI-TJ300 engine reached a thrust value of 1342 newtons with a diameter of 240 mm, while the best of the competing engines in the 230-250 mm class produced a maximum of 1250 newtons of thrust with a diameter of 250 mm.

Without the need for any starting system such as engine, starter motor and the ability to act only with the effect of wind It can be used on both land and air and sea platforms. It was stated that the serial production process of TEI-TJ300 will start after the completion of the development and qualification tests.


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