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Otopilot A cruising mode Tesla Model Sin the accident involving 2 people died. The catastrophic accident that occurred in the United States was a hitting a tree result occurred.

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Accident according to foreign sources, Houston’north of the city on April 17 at approximate local time. 23:25 happened. Tree collision instant vehicle in autopilot mode is stated to be. So in the steering seat There was no one. One of the victims in the passenger seat, the other is in the back seat was found. According to the information received, Tesla, high speed results to the bend He could not enter evenly and crashed into a tree.

Could be extinguished in 4 hours

Local a police officer, after the accident put out for emergency services Over 4 hours study and From 120 thousand liters He noted that he was consuming too much water. Tesla yet an official report about the incident. explanation has not done.

Of the American brand electric cars, autopilot option and wide while driving support system is known for. At the same time, the manufacturer is the driver’s hands off the steering wheel he demands not to pull. Most of the time, last rule ignored, which is due to over-reliance on the autopilot. to accidents leading to. Elon Musk, on the other hand, published the in statistics, Tesla dissolved the case possibility ofaccording to cars with driver Less than 10 times He explained that it was.

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