Publishing Of Electronic Arts and its development Respawn Entertainment’ın The game in the battle royale genre, one of the popular game genres of the recent period. Apex Legends, announced for mobile devices.

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Apex Legends can roll out in a few months for iOS and Android

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Electronic Arts, recently officially announced that the game will come to mobile devices. In fact, as analyst Daniel Ahmad said earlier, the game later this month for several regions Trial process on Android devices will pass.

The beta process is unfortunately only Android will be found on devices. Also at first the game is only India and Philippineswill be made available in. After beta for more regions and iOS will be made available. Unfortunately a history not disclosed.

Mobile version of the game optimized for touch screen devices it will be. Unfortunately cross-play will not offer support. Finally in the game Battle Pass and cosmetic items will also be found. Unfortunately for now the game full release date well unknown.




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