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Known for the luxury coatings it applies to smartphones, Caviar introduced a new series called Space Conquerors this week. The Space Conquerors series consists of iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max models.

Caviar Space Conquerors

Prepared on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the first manned flight into space Space Conquerors The series captures iconic images of events from people who have contributed greatly to space exploration to date. Phones will be limited in number.

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Caviar has prepared iPhone 12 Pro models worth a fortune again

Yuri GagarinThe iPhone 12 Pro and Max models were produced, in which Gagarin’s clock was placed, in memory of the launch of the Vostok-K rocket on April 12, 1961 and remaining 108 minutes in the Vostok-1 capsule. The models with all the important vehicles as icons have a starting price of $ 8920 and only 12 were produced.

Apollo 11 There are iPhone 12 Pro models, where the scene is depicted in memory of the first foot on the moon. Again, the Apollo 11 collection, which is produced in 11 units, starts at $ 6450. In memory of Korolev, who is regarded as the father of the Sputnik satellite, the gold embroidered model starts at 99 units and $ 6760.

As for today, with the silhouette of Elon Musk Falcon 9 The collection, which includes the rocket and the Dragon capsule, has a starting price of $ 6610. There is also another embroidery in the collection bearing the slogan Musk Be On Mars.

For Jeff Bezos, the feather-embroidered collection, the symbol of the Blue Origin company, and showing the first date of the New Shephard rocket, has a price tag of $ 5840. Finally, in memory of the discovery of the Trasev meteorite in 1968, the watch, which contains the CVR ELT3350A Tourbillon movement and can store power for 38 hours, has a price tag of $ 4450.

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