The Fitbit brand, which continues its activities under the umbrella of Google, announced its new tracking bracelet this week. The Fitbit Luxe tracker comes with a subscription to Premium services at a fairly high price.

Fitbit Luxe features and price

Fitbit Luxe It has the feature of being the thinnest touch wristband of the company and focuses a little more on style. The color AMOLED screen can automatically adjust its brightness according to the environment.

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The bracelet with different strap options added some important metrics to the continuous heart rate measurement. These include drowsiness pulse rate, breathing rate, variable heart rate, and oxygen rate in the blood.

The bracelet, which supports 20 different sports modes, does some of them automatically. You can take breathing techniques for a healthy life directly from the wristband. In addition to the Do Not Disturb Mode, there is a Sleep Mode that also turns off the screen.

Fitbit Luxe, which offers up to 5 days of use, will also present premium services that offer detailed graphics on sleep management and stress management for 6 months. This service has a price tag of $ 10 per month. This privilege has increased the price of the Fitbit Luxe bracelet to $ 150. The special Luce version, prepared in partnership with Gorjana jewelery company, will be $ 199.




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