US Space and Aviation Administration (NASA), a mini helicopter sent to Mars IngenuityHe had successfully flown yesterday. GitHub on another planet controlled flight as the first motor vehicle to realize history To all developers who contribute directly or indirectly to Ingenuity’s software a special badge gave.

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Approximate on GitHub 12,000 developersused in mini helicopters to open source software He contributed. But many of these developers have even realized that they have made the first helicopter flight on Mars possible. may not know. On the day Ingenuity launches for the first time, GitHub posted to the profiles of all contributing developers.Mars 2020 Helicopter Mission“added the badge.

Many open source projects were used for the Mars helicopter

GitHub, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab It revealed that there are many open source projects and libraries used by his team as part of the Ingenuity mission. SciPyThese projects, which can be named as Linux and F Prime, contributing the developers were awarded the special badge. Mars 2020 Helicopter Mission badge on GitHub profile achievements can be seen in the part.




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