Realme brand last year smart TV had entered the market. The Chinese company is now preparing to launch new models. Realme India CEO Madhav Sheth announced when they will introduce their new smart TV.

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A Twtiter user to an experienced administrator 50 inch he asked if they would put out a smart TV. Sheth on it, “How about next month?” gave a reply like. Looks like Realme has its new 50-inch TV In may will announce.

Realme TV was released last year

A 50-inch version yet in the brand’s assortment that there is no Let’s remind. Realme TV in May last year 32 and 43 inch It was released in two sizes. If in October 55 inch premium model Realme Smart TV SLED debuted.

For launch next month Although it has been pointed out, there is no final date yet. But as May approaches more of detail expected to emerge.




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