Rockstar Games, known for its Grand Theft Auto series, is on Steam for players this morning. interesting hours kept alive. Then Rockstar Games of his two games He made his DLCs for free.

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As PC Gamer noticed this morning All of Rockstar Games’ games have been removed from Steam for a few hours. This situation most likely happened accidentally. Previously, this situation had also happened to Valve’s games. Rockstar Games games came back to Steam after two hours however, some differences were noticed this time.

Among the games returning to Steam, released in 2003 Midnight Club 2 and this game was It was removed from Steam. There is a chance that the game will be uninstalled again, so You may want to buy it before it is removed.

Another strangeness is Max Payne 3 ve LA NoireDLCs ​​have been withdrawn from the sale. Currently all DLCs of both games have been added to the main game and no extra charge is required. You will now have all DLCs when you purchase the games. For LA Noire only The VR Case Files DLC is not valid.




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