As you know, Sony offers some games for free under Play at Home event. Almost all of the free games it offers popular and great games. In the past hours too Good news came from Sony.

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This morning o’clock 06.00 ‘from Sony, PlayStation’s beloved game under the Play at Home event He gifted Horizon Zero Dawn. Details on Horizon Zero Dawn and 9 other free games from here you can reach. Games for a short time Don’t forget to add it to your account as it is given for free.

After the free launch of Horizon Zero Dawn PlayStation Blog The announcement was made over. In addition to giving Horizon Zero Dawn free of charge in the announcement future free games good news was given for.

Sony should expect to hear from them and that they will be gifting more games soon explained. Unfortunately about what games can be no clue. However, Sony gave one of the popular games of PlayStation in almost every game it gave.




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