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Artificial intelligence is entering our lives in many areas day by day. Finally Sony AI and Korea University researchers announced FlavorGraph, their new research into how artificial intelligence can match materials in a meaningful way.

FlavorGraph Its research aims to provide more flexibility to match single or multiple ingredients with others, as well as the relationships between previously unexplored food ingredients and flavor compounds.

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Artificial intelligence is used for new recipes

FlavourGraph predicts that the two components will match by combining information about the molecules in a particular ingredient in the same way people have used that ingredient in the past. This research aims to predict relationships between compounds and foods, find new and exciting recipe techniques, and provide new perspectives on food science in general.

FlavourGraph extracted the relationships between foods from a million recipes and analyzed how chefs and recipe creators put the ingredients together, creating a database with flavor profiles such as bitter, fruity, and sweet based on 1,561 flavor molecules.

In the Sony AI blog post: “As science evolves and gains better representations of food than ever, we must explore more interesting pairs of ingredients as well as new substitutes for unhealthy or unsustainable ingredients. and we hope it will continue to complement the creativity of modern innovators and chefs. ” gave his statements.

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