Sony has been officially PlayStation 3, PSP ve PS Vitaannounced that its online stores will be closed. But Sony in an uncommon way stepped back.

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Sony; PS3 closes web access to PS Vita and PSP online stores

Sony made a statement via PlayStation.Blog in the past hours. PlayStation 3′fame and PS Vitaannounced that its stores will remain open. But In the decision to close PSP stores there is no change. PSP’s online stores It will close on July 2, 2021.

President of Sony Interactive Entertainment and CEO Jim Ryan, In a statement he made on PlayStation Blog, this is very obvious was the wrong decision He said they noticed.

This situation is for players great news We can easily say that it is. Many game developers, especially when it was announced that PS Vita’s stores will be closed, He canceled the game they developed for PS Vita. We hope they continue to improve their games.

Microsoft Similarly, the decision he made in the past months was canceled after the reactions from the players.


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