Honda’s new maxi scooter model with 745cc twin cylinder engine Force 750 It was launched in Turkey. New Honda Forza 750 price with 3 different color options: blue, red and silver From 141,000 TL starting.

New member of the Forza scooter family Force 750For large-volume scooter drivers, it provides a superior ride experience with impressive engine performance, agility, handling, technology and comfort that makes two people comfortable. Making life easier with the solutions it offers for its users, Forza 750 promises its users a practical and comfortable use in all driving conditions both inside and outside the city.

Forza 750, with its elegant and curved body design; It forms an aerodynamic whole with its stylish front section, garnish, mirrors and front signals. The Forza 750 also provides its users with superior wind protection and wide legroom at high speed, while also allowing the driver to step on the ground more easily thanks to its low seat. Forza 750, which has a durable body with a diamond cut steel tubular frame 235 kilograms curb weight has. Located under the 790mm-high seat, providing the volume required for a full-size helmet 22 liter storage spacean easy-to-access and convenient glove compartment and With USB port offers practical solutions to its users.

The Forza 750 for safe driving Emergency Brake Warning When moving at a minimum speed of 53 km / h, a deceleration speed of 6.0 m / s2 is detected when one of the brakes is activated by means of the rear signals equipped with the (ESS) feature. In this case, Emergency Brake Warning (ESS) activates and informs other drivers in the traffic that an emergency braking has taken place on the Forza 750 with the flashing of the hazard lights. With the activation of the ABS feature in wet conditions at the same driving speed, a deceleration speed of at least 2.5 meters / second square is sufficient to trigger the system, after which the signals are automatically deactivated.

Forza 750 with LED headlights and taillights Smart Key Thanks to its feature, users can use the functions of opening and locking the fuel tank and the under-seat storage area, as well as starting the engine without removing the key from their pocket. Activated by pressing the main key button, the Smart Key allows the driver to control the ignition / steering lock, fuel tank cover and seat.

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Combining ease of use and driving performance, the new Forza 750’s dual-cylinder 745 cc engine has a power of 43.1 kilowatts (kW) at 6,750 rpm (rpm) and 69 newton meters (Nm) at 4,750 rpm. ) is generating torque. The Forza 750’s fuel-efficient engine, which is compliant with Euro5 emissions, consumes 27.8 kilometers / liter (WMTC mode) of fuel and has a 13.2-liter fuel tank. Up to 370 kilometers range allows.

On the European market since 2010 Double Clutch Transmission Honda’s new Forza 750 model, which has a successful sales graphic with its (DCT) technology engines, DCT standart It is presented as. The Forza 750 offers a seamless and smooth driving experience thanks to the automatic gearshift programs that connect with the driving modes with DCT technology, which has the signature of Honda engineering.

In the Forza 750 model, which can produce high torque, Electronic Throttle Thanks to the (TBW) feature, there are ‘standard’, ‘rain’ and ‘sport’ driving modes as well as a customized personal driving mode. With the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) feature of the Forza 750, the torque applied to the rear wheel via Electronic Throttle (TBW) can be adjusted in 3 levels. There is also the option of completely turning off the HSTC feature, which allows a much smoother and more controlled driving performance.

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