An action movie that was released last month and stars Bob Odenkirk, the leading actor of Better Call Saul, who scored above average. NobodyWork has begun for the sequel.

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John WickThe scriptwriter of Nobody screenwriter Derek Kolstad recently participated in an interview with Collider. During the interview, Derek Kolstad, You wrote an opening scene for Nobody 2 explained. Explaining that he wrote an appropriate intro scene with the template created in the first film, Kolstad unfortunately did not have any did not give details.

Nobody 2 is currently not officially announced and there was no confirmation from the studio. In case of approval, the work will start officially. Now Derek Kolstad is most likely creates a scenario in general terms.

Directing the first movie Ilya NaishullerIf you are the scriptwriter John Wickscreenwriter of Derek Kolstad undertakes. The movie that was released on March 26 in the cast if Bob Odenkirk, Connie Nielsen, Christopher Lloyd, JP Manoux, Paul Essiembre, and Humberly González.


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