After the release of Microsoft’s new console, Xbox’s monthly updates continue. Update released this month Besides, it has been announced that a feature is being tested for the future update.

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Free games to be given to Xbox Live Gold members in December have been announced

Xbox’s April update Xbox Series and Xbox One is currently available for download for consoles. Of the update the most prominent side We have also told you before increase download speed a feature geared towards. While playing games on Xbox consoles, you can use the online features of the game without interruption. download speed automatically was being dropped. With this new update, you can able to suspend and without slowing down your download speed you will be able to download. By the way, of course the game will remain playable. You can turn this system on and off.

Also new update Xbox Game Pass makes it easier to play games with your friends. update detailed notes somehow you can read it here.

Players will be able to see Quick Resume Supported Games

Finally Xbox InsiderA new feature offered to test users in currently being tested. Thanks to this feature Xbox Series that allows for fast game switching You will be able to see the games that support the system and use this feature accordingly. The feature that is currently in testing phase is most likely in the next update all users will be opened to access.

Quick Resume, open multiple games as if opening a side tab in the browser and allows you to quickly make transitions provides. Unfortunately, the system is currently not available in all games.





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