The AirTag wireless device, developed by Apple to find your lost items or not to lose them at all, can create a community like its competitors and send information to its user even if it is not in the coverage area. Android surprise has also been made in this regard.

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Apple AirTag lost and found finder introduced! Here are the features and price

Android and AirTag collaboration

AirTag apparatus near-field ultra-wideband and Bluetooth LE It enables you to find the locations of your belongings precisely by using its technologies. If it goes out of range or is lost, this time an iPhone user can access the owner’s information by touching it with NFC.

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At the event, there was a perception that this was only for NFC compatible iOS devices, but Android devices were also involved. Apple seems to have kept its reach wide, as vanishing is an important issue.

Brief on your Android device NFC If there is, you can go to the relevant site with the owner’s information by touching the lost AirTag device. Of course, this information must be provided by the owner. Of course, this support does not mean that you can use AirTag on your Android device. Apple AirTag has a price tag of 299TL.




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