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Apple, mor in color iPhone model new iMac computers and iPad Pro hosted a promotional event featuring a range of interesting products, including tablets. In addition, which will go on sale on April 30 and iOS 14.5 and will work with devices above AirTag The follower is introduced to the public. AirTag press release is on iOS 14.5 next week It shows that it will be released.

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Apple with the new iOS next week, watchOS 7.4 and macOS 11.3will release, as these operating systems are the new ones in Apple’s official Podcast app. paid subscription they will support your service. iOS 14.5As for, the first public beta version of the software platform this year February was published in.

The new privacy policy will be activated

Most important, iOS 14.5 version release, Apple’s new privacy policy will also take effect, and iOS app developers personalized ads to watch events to present, open user permission they will have to buy. This innovation was the first last year It was announced and criticized by some market participants. That’s why Facebook company, the new Apple policy, a large portion of revenue tied to personalized advertising to small businesses announced that it would hurt.

iOS 14.5, Change Siri’s voice option and some emojis change skin color There were several improvements expected, including options. In addition, Siri audio contents what apps to listen that you prefer He also learned to understand.

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