If he could accept that the unforgettable pieces of life, perhaps, will settle into our character as a brick… Oh sorry, the diaries are confused. A moment slipped into the normal diary that we wrote with crying. It’s normal to get together, of course. That’s why we’re going to tell you about the last few releases today. But look, we do not say it is our own application, it changes its shell. Of course, it is difficult without our users who give such rapid returns and lead us to change. We are okay to praise each other until the morning, but we have to go into some details.

We did not know where to start. A lot has been accumulated. So if we throw the little ones in front? No, we always started with grown-ups. Let’s continue like this. Since the last diary exactly three new pages added. In addition to these three new pages, both portal and forum section gallery its structure has been completely renewed. Let’s see, let’s get in from somewhere.

Featured issues, bugs left behind …

As you know, the topics in the forum are yours by votes It is displayed in the highlights section. Even recently technology We mentioned that you can only view the technology contents with the help of the button. Of this module to detail When you wanted to go down and see all the prominent topics, you would be directed to an old page covered with outdated Java code. Of course until today. In addition to our new design style we call V3, the featured page is much more functional with its infrastructure powered by Kotlin + MVVM.

Even iOS users are accustomed to swipe left / right We have included the feature in our application in a completely different dimension with this page. Over time, you will see this new left / right scrolling feature on every page with the topic listed.

Application and Privacy Settings (Hide My Sorrows option is always on)

On this page, which clearly explains itself from its name, it couldn’t help being renewed. Font from the dimensions, your profile who are that you can see You can make up your mind on this page, exaggerate things and post on the forum home page. see you don’t want modules You even have the possibility to remove it. We recommend that every user who wants to personalize their application should definitely check it out. Ask your dealer insistently. Side Menu> Application Account Settings> Application and Privacy Settings via.

Hidden topics

We have hidden topics in some parts of the application. We would like to extend it to three lucky people who found these topics and gave them to us, but as you can imagine, the hidden subjects are not such a feature. You can quickly hide the topics you do not want to see in the forum part. Of course, you can abandon the issues you hide from the occasional mistakes or changing thoughts. Hidden topics page reaches your help at this point. All the topics you hide individually or collectively make visible you can bring. Side Menu> Special For You> More> Hidden Topics You can examine it under.

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There is also a gallery! (You will find it from the owner, brother, the cleanest)

The pictures in the whole application big version you can see gallery page is another of our antique pages, which has its share of the Kotlin + MVVM transformation. Both portal him the forum The gallery, which is now presented with its new infrastructure to the visuals on its side, is waiting for you. As one of the changes that we call the outside and the inside burn us, even though the design remains the same, big events are going on inside. Also, when the pictures you are looking are finished first to picture We also made a mini addition that will make you return. Of course voting, sorting with custom filters, save / share such as, all the old features keep their place in the package.

Let’s come to the mini repair package

In addition to the major changes that you may notice, as in every version, mini fixes and features are included in the application in our new versions. If you are ready, hold your breath and let’s count them all: You block users issues appear in some sections fixed, tablet for users automatic on turning the troubles experienced have been resolved, subscriber you are with shops corresponding incoming in notifications routing problem solved, number inconsistency corrected, user signatures The error that caused the images to look too large has been resolved, ters listed matters The problem of orientation has been resolved, within the subject same your message We have an extended list that says it has not been seen more than once.

Continuing the transformation without slowing down

The Kotlin + MVVM transformation, which we talked about since the first development blog, continues without slowing down. Many pages on the to-do list are waiting for their turn in this transformation. Of course, the most important step will be the detail of the subject you spend the most time with. When this part, which we have already started planning, is completed, the transformation will be largely over.

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Thank you!

We have created with our sponsor for those who want to take a short break and speak English as in the title… there is no such thing, of course. We always wrote thank you, we said let’s write something different. Anyway, we would like to express our gratitude to our backend team, who worked hard for our requests without reproaching us, to our test team that we exhausted especially due to the big changes in the latest version, to our architect designer of every screen you see, and to Gün Oksay for his support to every aspect of the application. See you in the next development diary. Actually, if we add closing music or something to this last paragraph, for a more effective exit. For example, if we open Tarkan – Gitti Gideli in the back and read? Anyway, let’s scatter by saying lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

DH Android Team

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