As you know Disney Plus Following the release of Disney’s video streaming service named Disney, Disney announced many Marvel series. One of these series Secret Invasion An array named. In the past hours, the staff of this series an important name joined.

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Although there is no official statement by Marvel yet, according to the news of many reliable sources; Game of Thrones in the series Khaleesi rolü successful player known for Emilia Clarke, joined the cast of the series. Also another successful player Olivia Colman It was said that they were also interviewed, but no other news has come out yet. Emilia Clarke which character to play It’s not certain.

Announced in the past months Secret Invasion in the lead roles of the series Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn has. Unfortunately the directory release date well unknown.

Secret Invasion is an extremely important story in Marvel comics. Earlier Captain Marvel we saw in the movie Skrull It is about the changing shape of the race and the invasion of the world. However, since a series of such a big issue has been made, this is it. a big topic may not be covered or just introduction to the story may be preparing for.




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