Last month, Google had many Android apps crash which causes a faulty Android System WebView had posted the update. The search giant is now looking at why the problem stems and what does it like to avoid recurrence in the future? improvements announced that he was planning to do it.

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According to the information provided by the Google Workspace team, the problem in question Chrome and WebViewIt was caused by a bug in the experiment and configuration technology of. This is also web content It caused many popular Android apps such as Gmail and Amazon that used WebView to display to crash.

Safe Mode will be applied

In order to avoid similar situations in the future, the company uses several applications to the WebView system component. security measures announced that it plans to add. The most important of these is its infrastructure “Safe Mode“to be applied. In this way, if such an error occurs again, the application will be automatically previous state will be provided to return.

Google also supports Chrome and WebView updates in the Play Store. accelerate wants. In addition to all this, the company is in both software testing and with Android users. in communication aims to make changes. Due to error in system component third party applications collapse a serious problem, and the search giant will make every effort to ensure that such incidents never happen again.




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