Interesting events are happening on the Thodex platform, which has been operating in our country for years and boasts of being the first local crypto currency exchange to obtain a business license in the USA. Stock market investors claim that management has disappeared with the money.

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What is happening at Thodex?

Given the avalanche of reactions in social media, the accumulation of many investors is left in the stock market and shooting is not allowed. There are also complaints about stopping or disrupting transactions in the stock market. Some users even stated that they went to the exchange office in Istanbul under police custody and saw that it was empty. There are also those who say that the owner of the exchange fled abroad because his Twitter account was closed.

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Thodex published a statement regarding these allegations. The stock exchange states that it is in the process of selling to a partnership consisting of a few important banks and funds abroad, and therefore it has entered a maintenance that will take 4-5 business days.

Normally, such statements should be made to media such as KAP, but Thodex has chosen social media. This raises doubts. We hope that the Tosuncuk incident that happened in the past years will not be repeated.




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