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Windows CentralAccording to the information obtained from sources close to the subject Microsoftwith both a new design and policy changes, aiming to make the platform more interesting to both users and developers. Windows 10‘gives Shop plans to revise its application.

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Microsoft Translator app for Windows 10 has been retired

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Will be available to users for the first time at Microsoft Build 2021

Based on the leaked information, developers will no longer need to format their applications as MSIX. Developers will be able to manage application updates using their own cloud distribution networks. In this way, applications with built-in update systems will no longer need to use Microsoft’s update system. This will make developers more control over their own applications.

Microsoft will allow developers to use their in-app revenue streams by completely bypassing Microsoft’s own trading platform. In this way, developers will not have to pay a commission to Microsoft.

The renewed Microsoft Store will be released for a certain user base at Build 2021, which will take place in May. Windows Central estimates that the company will roll out the Store app to a wider audience, possibly in the fall, with the Sun Valley update.

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