One of the most popular productions in the game world, Dota Dota: Dragon’s Blood An anime named was released on Netflix in the past weeks. recently for anime good news has been given.

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According to the statement made by Netflix’s official Twitter account Dota: Dragon’s Blood anime named its second season has been approved. In fact, the production phase of the second season has also started. Unfortunately about the second season no details were shared. We can expect it to arrive early next year.

The first season is now You can find it on Netflix. Consisting of 8 parts subject of the first season as follows: This gripping fantasy series tells the story of the famous dragon knight named Davion, who is determined to cleanse the world from all evil. Davion is strong, an ancient eldwurm and the path of his encounter with the noble on a secret mission. Princess Mirana After intersecting with, he finds himself in the middle of events that he cannot even imagine.

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