Puzzle game published and developed by Plug In Digital Machinika Museumreleased for mobile devices.

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Galaksinin Machine Museum find machines that spread all over you will try to bring them back to life. Game on solving puzzles by observing has an established style. But the game out of the puzzle side There is also a mysterious side to the game, and it’s your job to solve this mystery.

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More than one in the game you will go to the galaxy and random puzzles will be found on your journey. As you solve one of the puzzle, you will move on to a new one. Video below You can get more ideas by watching.

Machinika Museum right now App Store ve Google Play over for free is accessible. To the game’s store pages, cover article and trailer you can find it below.

Machinika Museum
Machinika Museum
Machinika Museum

Machinika Museum

Plug In Digital

1.5 GB

Machinika Museum
Machinika Museum
Machinika Museum

Machinika Museum

Plug in Digital






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