AMD at the event held in the past months RX 6000 car Although he confirmed the series, he did not share any details.

AMD RX 6600M listed in driver

According to the detail hidden between the lines of AMD’s drivers, the RX 6600M seems to have managed to get a place in the drive. In addition, the mobile RX 6000 series Ships 22, Ships 23 and Ships 24 looks like it will rise above you.

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To be featured in high-end gaming laptops with AMD RX 6800M

Expected to power the RX 6800M / 6700M Navi 22’yi RX 6600M/6500M’in Navi 23 that will take place in the heart will follow. On the other hand, in the total of Navi 24 ID 7 entries is also listed.

Although this is a detail that signals the future of new cards, fewer solutions will be offered. Also the number is probably mobile and desktop login segment Let’s add that the cards are included.

If we come to the details of the RX 6600M, Navi 23 earlier in macOS driver With 2048 compute units It appeared before us. According to estimates, AMD Navi 23 is positioned in the RX 6600M with its fully open version. RX 6500M’de He will prefer the Navi 24 cropped version.

With VRAM unit 128-bit bus the memory to accompany the chip to communicate over Duty at 12 Gbps will make 4/8 GB capacity units are expected to be.

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224 GB/s’lik bandwidth here lags behind the RX 5600M 32 MB of Infinity Cache It is thought to help the card. However, the difference is that the model will be targeted. May not be felt at 1080p level focuses on.



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