In the past months Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda Afterwards, the number of purchases of large companies increased considerably. In fact, a reliable source in recent months, Bloomberg, Microsoft’s pursuing another important purchase it was announced.

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Microsoft wants to buy Discord for over $ 10 billion

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In the past months, Microsoft’s 10 billion dollars with a substantial fee, such as It was announced that he wanted to buy Discord. It was said that several other companies were in the race, but the foremost company was Microsoft. However, Discord’s plan is to sell the app rather than selling it. open to the public It was the way he wanted more.

In the past hours The Wall Street Journal’da According to reports, between Discord and Microsoft negotiations ended and the parties could not agree. The reason for the termination of the talks has not been announced, but according to some sources events may come to the fore again in the future.

Outside of microsoft Epic Games and AmazonIt was known that he also had this kind of request.




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