Technology giants have been closely interested in the automotive industry in recent years. Huawei was one of the companies that were spoken to enter the automotive world. Later, the company announced that they would not directly develop a new car, but would instead agree with existing manufacturers and support them with their own technologies.

In addition to encountering many new models within the scope of the 2021 Shanghai Motor Show, it is the first car to be sold by Huawei. Seres Huawei Smart Selection SF5 We also met with. Let’s point out from the beginning, this crossover with the PHEV, that is, the rechargeable hybrid request, is not a new car developed by Huawei. We can consider the model in question as an up-to-date version of the SF5, which is currently on sale in China, equipped with Huawei technologies.

One of the areas where Huawei’s signature is in the model in question, the powertrain system. This system From a 1.5 liter gasoline unit and two electric motors occurs. Here, the gasoline unit acts as a ‘range extender’, meaning it is used to charge the battery instead of powering the wheels. In total 550 horsepower power and 820 Nm Thanks to the torque generating system, the vehicle accelerates 0-100 km / h. In 4.7 seconds completing.

The range of pure electric driving of Huawei SF5 was announced as 180 kilometers. Considering that this is based on NEDC measurements valid in China, we can expect the true value to be around 40 percent less. On the other hand, when the ‘increased range mode’, which is required for longer distances, is activated, the car 1000 kilometers with a fully charged battery and full tank It is stated that it can cover a range. The battery of the vehicle can also power other electronic devices.

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When it comes to Huawei, it does not surprise us that the car has a high-tech multimedia system. Chinese tech giant, smartphones Huawei HiCar It states that it can be connected to this system in seconds and that data such as music and navigation information can be transferred automatically.

In addition, the system, which has a voice recognition feature, can communicate with smart devices in the house. Another remarkable detail in the car is the Huawei Sound sound system. The company underlines that this system, which consists of 11 speakers, provides an opera-quality sound experience.

The car, which bears Huawei’s signature, also has level 2 autonomous driving capability. Equipped with millimeter wave radar, ultrasonic sensors and cameras, the vehicle has various driving aids such as adaptive cruise control, traffic jam assistant, automatic emergency brake, lane tracking and front collision prevention system.

Seres Huawei Smart Selection SF5 has taken its place in selected Huawei stores. The first deliveries are scheduled next month. The 2WD version of the car has a starting price of 216,800 yuan ($ 33,371). The 4WD version starts at 246,800 yuan ($ 38,000).

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