Considered one of the most prestigious awards in the cinema industry Oscar, The Academy Awards have been announced so how is published in Turkey.

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According to the share made on the official Twitter page of TRT 2 in the past hours, The Oscar will be broadcast live on TRT 2. Oscar live broadcast 26 Nisan’a tied sunday night at 03:00 will start.

Clock before the start of the Oscar Towards the Oscar at 01.30 the night will start with the program and Mehmet Açar, Alin Taşçıyan and Zeynep AtakınWith the interpretation of the red carpet, Oscar Award Ceremony ‘Live broadcast will continue until the end of.

Covid-19 outbreak, It has affected the movie industry the most in 2020, and according to many commentators, this year’s ceremony will be the least excited Oscar in history. TRT 2’s aforementioned You can find the share below.




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