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UK based energy comparison platform USwitchof the 200 most popular web pages carbon footprint calculated. While preparing the report, the energy efficiency Many factors that could affect it were taken into account.

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USwitch, the carbon footprint of websites while analyzing with the energy used by the cloud and telecommunication network, renewable energy He says he also takes into account whether it is supported by. As a result, the most visited web pages to carbon dioxide emissions turned out to be the cause.

What are the dirtiest and cleanest websites?

The most polluting platform of the hundreds of sites reviewed Reddit was determined to be. According to experts, Reddit is only 69 clicks in a single visit. 13.05 gram emitting carbon dioxide. Of the number in question 5 kilometers Let’s point out that it is equivalent to driving a car throughout.

Per visit among other high emission sites in the world 12.43 gram carbon dioxide producing Pinterest and 11.43 gram carbon dioxide emitting Nintendo include game portal. Victoria’s Secret, Uniqlo, Banggood and Alibaba are listed as sites with the largest carbon footprint.

The cleanest website on the internet according to the report Wikipedia. Free Encyclopedia, per visit only 0.04 gram it produces carbon dioxide. Social network LinkedIn taking second place while taking her from the fashion giant H&Mwatching website. PayPal is among the top ten clean sites with the highest energy efficiency WordPress and cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is also available.

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