Setting the standards of the market in the field of electronic display technologies VESA’dan An important warning came to those who researched new monitors.

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Beware of fake certificates

Recently in Taobao Samsung Odyssey G9 and ASUS EI491CRG9’a pages of monitors DisplayHDR 2000 It confuses users with statements that they came with a certificate. Moreover, there is no such statement on Samsung’s website.

SPROUT warned users on incoming complaints. Yet DisplaryHDR 2000 Underlining that the standard is not developed and therefore there is no certificate, the organization stated that the new standards are invalid unless they are listed on their site.

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Finally Of VESA soon DisplayHDR 2000 While it is expected to detail the standard, currently the most advanced standard DisplayHDR 1400 It comes across as.




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