During the pandemic, people’s closure at home made it necessary to do frequent home cleaning. Parallel to this, interest in robot vacuum cleaners has increased. Manufacturers are trying to stand out in the market with different innovations.

Viomi Alpha 2 Pro features and price

Viomi Alpha 2 Pro The robot vacuum cleaner is a continuation of the Alpha 1C vacuum cleaner, which was launched at the beginning of the year. Artificial intelligence supported laser radar system – LDS integrated in the front and sides. Thus, it can scan 180 degrees in real time even in the dark. The broom, which can detect obstacles up to 8 meters, has recorded around 150 different obstacle types in its database.

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AI-Dumping 3.0 The automatic dust collection system transfers the hopper to the dust bag as soon as the cleaner approaches the station. The newly developed ventilation design is 60 percent shorter, thus collecting dust clumps in just 15 seconds with the help of 30Kpa suction power. The bag is made of 99.99 percent anti-bacterial materials. Thus, it protects from bacteria. Viomi Alpha 2 Pro has a price tag of $ 537.





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