Chinese tech giant Xiaomipatented a new smartphone. The patent, uncovered by LetsGoDigital, includes 32 images with a brief description. Looking at the images, on the back of the smartphone lightning designed camera module draws attention.

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Lightning designed rear camera

The screen of the phone in the images in the patent does not show any notches or perforations for the front camera. This suggests that the device may have under-screen camera technology, but the patent may have ignored other details of the smartphone design and focused solely on the rear camera module.

The lightning-shaped rear camera module looks like a triple camera with flash or a dual camera with dual flash. When viewed as a settlement, there are 3 different situations. In the images, one is positioned horizontally, the other two vertically in the middle and in the upper left corner.

It is currently unknown whether Xiaomi will launch this smartphone with this different rear camera design.




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