Used by almost everyone in the world today YouTube Unfortunately, it may not be very reliable for children. That’s why Google released an application called YouTube Kids, which only children use. At the end of the application that has been used abroad for a few years It was opened to access in our country.

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21 April 2021 as of date Google Play ve App Store YouTube Kids, which is accessible free of charge through its stores, aims to provide a safer environment for children.

A safer environment for children All content by parents while setting up controllable and only if you wish You will be able to make the contents you approve accessible. You can either block a single video or the entire channel. You can also limit the time your child will spend on YouTube.

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What is YouTube Kids?

A video application specially prepared for children

Designed to provide a special environment for children, YouTube Kids offers an experience consisting of videos on a variety of topics aimed at enhancing your child’s creativity and playing skills. It makes it easier for parents and caregivers to guide children in this process. Learn more at

A safer internet experience for kids

We work hard to ensure that YouTube Kids remains a family-friendly environment of videos. We are trying to ensure the safety of our young users in the internet environment by using automatic filters developed by our engineering teams, real person reviews and feedback from parents. However, we know that no system can be perfect. As inappropriate videos can occasionally be uploaded to the app that can circumvent controls, we’re working to improve our security measures and add more features to help parents deliver the right experience for family members.

Customize your child’s experience with Parental Controls

  • Limit screen time: Encourage your kids to get up from the screen and engage in vigorous activities by limiting the amount of time they can spend watching videos.
  • Keep track of what your kids are watching: By visiting the Watch Again page, you can always be aware of the content your children watch and the new interests they discover.
  • Block: Is there a video you don’t like? To avoid encountering again, you can block the video or the entire channel.
  • Marking: When necessary, you can mark the videos and warn us against inappropriate content and have the videos reviewed by our teams. The marked videos are reviewed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Create individual experiences tailored to your children

You can create up to eight different kid profiles, each with their own unique viewing preferences, video suggestions and settings. Choose from the “Approved Content Only” mode or choose from the “Preschool”, “Junior” and “Large” age categories suitable for your child.

If you want to choose the videos, channels and / or collections you have approved for your child to watch, choose the “Approved Content Only” mode. Children cannot search for videos in this mode. In “Preschool” Mode, selected videos are presented to encourage creativity, play and exploration. The “Little” Mode allows children ages 5 to 7 to explore their interests by accessing content on various topics such as songs, cartoons and crafts. In “Big” Mode, children ages 8 and up can search for and explore other content, such as popular music and game videos whose target audience is kids.

All kinds of videos appealing to different interests of children

Our library consists of videos on various topics suitable for families. These videos improve your child’s creativity and playing skills. Your kids can find everything from their favorite shows and songs to videos that teach how to make a volcano model (and even play dough) and more.

Other important information:

Parental settings are necessary for us to provide the best experience for your child.
YouTube Kids publishes paid advertisements to offer the app for free. Your child may also encounter commercial videos from YouTube creators, but these videos are not paid ads. The Privacy Statement of Google Accounts managed with Family Link explains the privacy practices we use if your child uses YouTube Kids with their own Google Account. When your child uses YouTube Kids without signing in with their own Google Account, the YouTube Kids Privacy Statement applies.

YouTube Kids
YouTube Kids
YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids

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YouTube Kids
YouTube Kids
YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids

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